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Global School Start Times Task Force

Members: Saadoun Bin-Hasan (Kuwait), Scott Coussens (Australia), Michal Kahn (Australia/Israel), Judy Owens (USA), Karen Spruyt (France); Jessica Page (USA; ad hoc)

World Sleep Society representative: Lindsay Jesteadt

Interim Report 6/12/2023

      • The 2022 IPSA Global School Start Times Survey has been completed with 83 responses from 28 countries in North America, South America, Europe, UK, Australia, Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific regions represented
      •  IRB approval obtained for survey data analyses (SBH)
      • Data analysis conducted of quantitative data (KS), research questions generated and preparation of results for publication in process (MK, SBH, SC, KS)
      • Compilation and analysis of European Union Survey data from education/government agencies regarding education system structure across EU countries (KS)
      • Analysis of qualitative data (2 open-ended questions) in process (SC, JP) in preparation for abstract to be submitted to Sleep Down Under
      • Scoping review of articles on SST published in medical, education, social science and public health/policy journals from 2013-23 in progress; search terms generated and literature review begun (MK, SBH, JP, JO)
      • It is anticipated that the scoping review, IPSA survey quantitative/qualitative analyses will be combined in a single manuscript, ideally to be submitted to Sleep Medicine by the IPSA/WSS meeting in October 2023
      • Policy Statement to be developed in conjunction with the background paper (Technical Review) based on the American Academy of Pediatrics Policy Statement model
      • Opportunity to submit abstracts to the following meetings:
      • WSS Congress – Abstracts due June 30th
      • Australian Sleep Conference- Abstracts due July 3rd

Next meeting: July 11 2023

Respectfully submitted,

Judy Owens MD MPH

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